Tax Highlights

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🚨Tax Updates🗽

There are about Six key changes under the tax reform plan

Child Tax Credit Rises

The Child Tax Credit increases in value from $1,000 to $2,000. The tax reform bill also introduces a new $500 credit for non-child dependents.

So if you filing for mother, grandMother,  aunty, uncle or whoever... you can get up to $500.☺️

Standard Deduction Increases

No matter your filing status, the standard deduction increases in 2018.

• Single and Married Filing Separately: $12,000

• Married Filing Jointly: $24,000

• Head of Household: $18,000

EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) still remains even with changes in the Tax Reform. In fact they have increased the limits.... so what does this mean? 

FAT CHECKS FOR majority of my Clients.

*the others make waaayyyy too much money for EITC. BUT if you own a business your allowed to wrie-off 3 years of losses which will put you in a different tax bracket. That means still get nice refunds.

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