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We are a Credit Restoration & Business Building Company. We work with Clients, Creditors, and Bureaus to help you build, restore, and regain your  Financial Freedom! 

Every consumer's situation is different. We build a customized credit strategy for each client to help reach financial goals at a affordable price.


How It Works

Upon enrollment, your credit reports are pulled you will receive a analyst report. The report will be organized in a way to easily identify the inaccurate items that will need to be challenged/changed or removed.  At this time a plan of action is put together to meet your personal financial goals. Next, we will contact the credit bureaus directly to challenge erroneous items. This process can take anywhere from 3-6 months average.  Lastly, we provide you with peace of mind by keeping you connected with the progress to meeting your financial goals. 

 Repair - Rebuild - Educate  

Business Credit 

Business Credit Building  is a totally different process. Upon Enrollment we focus on branding. Establishing your business name forming your entity etc. We will provide you with the resources and the education needed, as we walk you threw the steps in building your profile. Business Building is a 6 to 9 month process. Within 4 months of consistency you can have the min of 50k in merchant, vendor, and cash cards that is not connected to you personally. 


Our Goal

We set high expectations for ourselves as a Financial Consulting  Company. You can expect only the best service from our team of Certified Credit Experts. Our main focus is to help our clients and business owners in getting their life back on track. We are here to assist you on your journey to financial freedom. We will guide you in improving your credit and obtaining funding for your business. We are highly dedicated in helping you reach your financial goals!



Importance Of Building Business Credit

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Repair, Rebuild, Educate

Life Lock

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LifeLock works to help protect you against identity theft.

Start Building Your Credit Now


The following builder cards are available. My Jewelry Club,  Open Sky, Capital Bank, First Progress, Horizon Gold etc. All cards reports to all 3 bureaus.

Credit Builder Card


  • Reports 6 times a month to all 3 bureau’s  
  • Save Money & Build Credit the Easy Way
  • Low $200 Limit So You Won't Go into Debt
  • Designed to Help You Build Credit

Identity IQ


$1 for 7 day trial $21.99 a month (special offer)

  • Experian, Equifax and TransUnion Reports & Scores
  • Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts
  • Credit Score Tracked Monthly
  • Credit Report Can Be Refreshed Every 30 Days
  • $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance*

Customer appreciation 

We offer 3-4 day 🚢 Cruises  or 4-5 day land trip to Cancun for 2 under $200 for your 1 month anniversary!

Self Lender

Choose to hold  funds in a 12 or 24month CD. Your payments reported to all three credit bureaus.

Product details

  • Choose to hold your funds in a 12-month or 24-month CD, depending on the account value you choose.
  • You can earn an APY of 0.10% on the amount in the CD.
  • Your consistent monthly repayments are reported to the three main credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
  • Repayments made on time and in full can positively affect your credit score.
  • There’s an annual fee of $9 to $15 (varies by product), depending on the account you choose to open.
  • You won’t be hit with prepayment fees should you find yourself able to pay off your loan early.

Smart Credit Monitoring Service



It is now easier than ever to track all your scores with simple charts or in-depth information.


See exactly what is helping or hurting your credit score. Get a 120-Day Plan to a better score.


Be the master of your credit score! Use ScoreMaster® before you apply for credit, make payments or spend money.

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